Friday, September 12, 2008

The Wedding Cake Disaster!

This is another of my old re-photographed cakes ...... taken in my pre-digital days back in 2001.

This cake was an utter nightmare! The bride (daughter of a friend of mine) wanted her Mother's rich chocolate cake for this, and to make her mother's life easier prior to the wedding they were made ahead and frozen. In my infinite wisdom I decided to ice them from frozen as I had been advised that this was the best way to go. I was warned that the cakes might *show a little moisture on the fondant* as they defrosted, but was assured that if I left it alone all would dry out and be well.

*Show a little moisture*? ......... it was more like a swimming pool!
*Dry out*? ....... did it, heck! We resorted to hairdryers and even on the day it still "glistened"! The chocolate cake was obviously pretty soggy too so when I tried to stack the cake the icing cracked!

Luckily this is such an old and bad picture that you can't see how awful the icing is or the repairs ...... but when I look at it I still shudder! I hate the design too ..... I like to think that with 7 years more experience I would do a better job today but at the time the bride was pleased and that's all that matters.

NEVER, never again will I ice a frozen cake!

by abbietabbie

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Janet said...

Well, I think you did an AWESOME job on the cake! I have NO DOUBT that you've improved with experience.

You are welcome to share your cake adventures and comment over at and/or

You are Joy!