Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ikebana style Wedding Cake

This is the cake I've been struggling with for a long time ...... it's finished at last!

My brief from the bride and groom was that they wanted the cakes to be stacked, looking as though each tier was sitting on mat of crossed bamboo, i.e. a layer of bamboo going in one direction on top of a layer going at right angles to it underneath. They also wanted white Singapore orchids and curly (lucky) bamboo.

This sounded easy ..... but, believe me, it wasn't !!!!
The bamboo on the tiers is made of fondant ....... each segment is hand rolled and slotted into the next (I wanted to try to get it as real looking as possible) and then it was all hand painted and shaded. It took for ever to do!

The cakes are rich fruit, marzipaned and iced in ivory fondant. The bamboo is fondant ..... the flowers and curly bamboo are made of flower paste (gumpaste).

This is a big cake with the bottom tier being 12" square and weighs a ton !!!!! I have to deliver it tomorrow and I'm praying that weather forecast is wrong and we DON'T have rain!

It will be displayed on a silver stand (not like it is in the picture) ........ I'll try and take some photos at the venue tomorrow.
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by abbietabbie

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Goldyyy said...

ur cakes are beautiful...and this one extra first glance it was simply simple looked an easy one..but the close up of bamboos and ur details made goosebumps..hehe.. the bamboos were soo soo real.. before i read ur details, i thought they were real bamboos..gud job.. keep it up!

Goldyyy said...
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